How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

How to Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard, If you’ve ever wondered how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard, this article is for you. Listed below are some of the features of these fantech keyboards. The first is the Optilite MK872 keycaps, which are ABS doubleshot OEM profile. At only 1mm thick, they are highly responsive and feature multiple lighting modes. If you’re curious about other features, check out the following links.

Optilite MK872 keycaps are ABS doubleshot OEM profile

The Fantech Optilite MK872 RGB optical switch keyboard comes with a set of plastic keycap pullers and switches. The keyboard’s build is similar to the Cooler Master QF Rapid. The MK872 features a 3.5cm-high profile without stand off feet, an ABS doubleshot OEM profile, and a non-removable braided cable. The Optilite MK872’s keyboard layout is compatible with most keycaps with a cherry mx stem.

They are only around 1mm thick

The K613 and K613L models of Fantech keyboards have different lighting configurations. Although their top plates are only about 1mm thick, they look thicker and are less durable than other keyboards on the market. Both are not mechanical keyboards, but they do have rubber feet and ABS base plates. They flex but not enough to break. The K613 is a good choice for budget-conscious gamers and iCafes.

They are very responsive

The settings for a Fantech keyboard are easy to change, even if they differ between Windows and Mac users. To change the color and brightness of the lights, click the “Fn” key and press the function key “+” or “-.” When you first turn on the keyboard, all the white lights are activated and set to half intensity. It’s easy to change the brightness and make typing easier while viewing a small screen. The keyboard’s backlight isn’t evenly distributed either, but it does have a good key life span.

They have multiple lighting modes

Many computer manufacturers have produced keyboards with multiple lighting modes, and Fantech is no exception. The K611 Fighter TKL gaming keyboard comes with three sets of RGB lighting, as well as breathing mode, which you can switch on or off by pressing the function key and the scroll lock or page up/down keys. If you’re looking for an additional feature, check out Fantech’s RGB gaming keypad, which also has multiple lighting modes.

They are easy to clean

Cleaning a Fantech keyboard is relatively simple. To do this, first remove the keys with a keycap puller, then rinse them with warm soapy water. Afterward, wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth. If the keyboard is especially dirty, you can use an abrasive cleaning cloth as well. Once the keyboard is clean, replace the keycaps one by one. This will eliminate any dust that’s lodged between the keycaps and the base of the keyboard.

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