How to Get Santana Tone on Your Guitar Pedalboard

How to Get Santana Tone on Your Guitar Pedalboard, If you’ve ever listened to Santana, you’ve probably wondered how he gets his signature tone. The secret is in holding his pick in the middle. His pick is made of a soft, medium-gauge material, and he tries to make his distortion sound as smooth as possible. Then, add in a few different guitar effects, such as distortion pedals and a Pedalboard, and you’ve got yourself a Santana tone like a pro.

Les Paul Special

There are two ways to dial in the “Santa” tone on your Les Paul Special. You can choose between the two neck pickups or you can isolate the bridge pickup for a brighter, grittier sound. Whatever the desired sound is, you can dial it in by using the volume and tone controls. You can play with one pickup at a time to experiment until you find the tone that works best for you.

Mesa Boogie amp

Carlos Santana’s signature tone was achieved with a Mesa Boogie amp during his original stretch of fame. The amp was a big, powerful model, called the Snake King, and the brand was renowned for its funk rock sound. This amp featured a standard EQ and gain controls. Using the correct settings can help you achieve the same sound. To get the best Santana tone from your Mesa Boogie amp, adjust your EQ to scoop the mid frequencies and boost the high frequencies.


If you are looking for a guitar effect that nails Santana’s Supernatural tone, then you are probably wondering how to get Santana tone on a bass guitar pedalboard. Fortunately, the Santana pedal is one of the best-selling guitar effects of all time. Over the years, Santana has made a few tweaks to the pedal that improve the timbre and sound quality.


You’ve probably heard of Carlos Santana and his distinctive sound, but what is the secret to getting his tone? The secret is not easy to achieve, but this guitar player has certainly figured out how to get it. You’ll have to learn a few tricks in order to reproduce the guitar player’s tones. Here are some tips. You’ll get a very similar sound, with the exception of the strings.


Trying to reproduce the sound of Carlos Santana on your guitar? The answer lies in the use of the right combination of compression, overdrive, and volume. Ideally, you’d use a guitar with a compression pre-amp, which fattens the tone and brings out more sustain. Compression also increases the likelihood of feedback. Using feedback notes to create a Santana tone can be accomplished by bend up the string and playing the guitar at a higher volume. If you’d like to achieve the same tone without spending a lot of money, you’ll also need good guitar gear and some time.

Choosing a guitar for its feel and tone

Whether you play acoustic or electric, you’ll want to choose a guitar that has the right balance of tone and feel. Guitars with thin striking surfaces emphasize higher frequencies and trebly tones, while thick ones emphasize lower overtones. A guitar pick should be comfortable to play, with a balanced weight and shape that is easy on your fingers. It also should have “memory”, which is a term that describes the degree to which the pick wears down by string and becomes shaped to the guitar player’s hand and playing style.

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