How to Hump a Pillow

How to Hump a Pillow, There are several ways to hump a pillow, the simplest of which is to use your hand. To begin rolling, take a pillow and place it in your hand. Roll it as if you were rolling a log, and you’ll have a pillow within seconds! Another simple way to hump a pillow is to create one from an old t-shirt. Simply cut the sleeves from the t-shirt, and roll it like a pillow.

Using your fingers

It’s possible to hump a pillow using your fingers without the other person knowing. Using your fingers as a percussion device puts pressure on a very sensitive part of the body. While pillow humping is completely normal and will likely do no harm, the act is considered sexy by many. It’s also a safe way to masturbate without causing any damage.

Using the Surface Straddle

A more advanced pillow huddling position is the Surface Straddle. To use the Surface Straddle, you will need a flat surface and one foot or knee on the bed. Then, use your thrusting motion to grind along with the pillow. Then, repeat the process with the other side of the pillow. The end result is a mind-blowing climax! This technique is also effective for people with low libido or inexperienced humpers.

Using a sex toy

Using a sex toy for humping a pillow is a great way to increase the level of pleasure you get when sex-making. It is a great way to have more physical contact while exposing your body, and it can be more pleasurable if you don’t wear any clothes. A sex toy with a vibrating feature is an excellent way to achieve this.

Using a hand pillow

There are a few ways to hump a pillow. Using a hand pillow is the easiest way to start rolling immediately. If you don’t have one, you can cut the sleeve off of a t-shirt and use it as a hand pillow. That way, you’ll have a hand-made pillow. This will help you to get a better friction when rolling.

Using the Taco method

The Taco method is a favorite among women, who have more options when it comes to how to hump a pillow. Instead of lying on a bed, women place the pillow between their legs and grind it along the ridge. A firm pillow will keep its position and stay upright longer, reducing the edge’s collapse and overall pleasure. Women should avoid using a pillow that is too soft, which can ruin the experience.

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