How to Make a Heart Out of Gum Wrappers

How to Make a Heart Out of Gum Wrappers, If you’ve ever wondered how to make a heart out of discarded gum wrappers, then you’ve come to the right place. The following steps will show you how to fold gum wrappers into a heart, as well as how to make a chain link. If you’re not too fond of gum wrappers, don’t worry. There are ways to make them look even better than you ever imagined.

Origami gum wrapper heart

You can make a heart out of a gum-wrapper by folding it in half horizontally, then aligning the folded edges diagonally at the center. Now, fold the bottom edge of the right side of the wrapper up on the joining diagonal, so that it fits flush with the centerline. Once the sides are folded up, your heart should be ready to give to your Valentine!

To fold a heart out of a gum-wrapper, begin by folding the top and bottom corners down. You can then use a plastic card to help you make the creases crisp. After you have folded the entire gum-wrapper, you should be able to cut out the heart. Once you’ve cut it out, you can use a tiny piece of glue to hold the shape together. After the gum-wrapper heart is cut, you can use the heart for various creative crafts.

Origami chain link

The following article will show you how to make a heart out of a chewing gum wrapper. You can use them for decorating a room or as romantic gestures. The basic technique involves folding the opposite corners together. Once you have the folds aligned, bring them to the center. The heart will then look like a box, with its bottom and sides rounded.

To make the first fold, lay out the square wrapper with the desired side facing up. Fold the top and bottom corner together and align them with the center crease. Then fold the bottom corner to meet the top of the paper. Repeat with the other corner. You will end up with a heart-shaped paper with six points. Repeat the process to make more hearts, or make a bigger one.

Lighting a gum wrapper

Before you light a heart-shaped candle, prepare the gum wrapper by cutting it into three equal sections. Use a survival knife to cut off a small section of the wrapper. Then, fold the bottom corner of the right piece into the center crease. The top section will become the center of the heart, and the bottom will form the slit in the middle. You should now have a heart-shaped candle.

To make a heart-shaped fire, place an AA battery near the top of the gum wrapper strip. Insert the AA battery into the other end of the gum wrapper, and make sure that the end facing the positive end of the strip is lit. The energy will be concentrated in the thin middle of the strip, which will eventually catch fire. Be sure to watch the experiment closely, and keep a jug of water nearby to put out the fire.

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