How to Not Pass Out Playing Harmonica

How to Not Pass Out Playing Harmonica, How to breathe properly while playing harmonica is very important, especially if you are trying to play two draw. Two draw harmonicas can be difficult to play because the back of your tongue sits below your upper molars. This constricts the air passage that is made of your tongue, teeth, and roof of mouth. Keeping your tongue lowered will allow the air flow to pass easily through your mouth.

Pursed-lip breathing

If you’re suffering from COPD or a similar respiratory disease, you may want to learn how to not pass out while playing the harminica. The small holes on the harp force you to breathe with your lips and mimic exercises for people with COPD. As a Marine Corps veteran, I can relate to the problem. Initially, I had trouble breathing in, especially during songs that require a lot of intake.


Many experienced players say that tongue-blocking is the only way to produce a good tone. Others say that puckering the tongue will produce a better tone. Of course, “better tone” is subjective, and what you like may not be what I would consider an appropriate sound. Many fine players like Toots Thielemans and Lee Oskar rarely use this technique. Regardless of which approach you take, it’s important to learn how to use the tongue properly.

Avoiding forced air

When you play the harmonica, make sure you breathe slowly and gently. You need to stretch your abdominal muscles and relax your shoulders. Then, breathe in and out as you play smoothly. Breathing this way will help you avoid passing out while playing the harmonica. Here are some other tips to breathe properly while playing the harmonica. The key to playing harmonica properly is breathing from the diaphragm, not from the chest.

Maintaining natural airflow

When playing a harmonica, it is important to maintain natural airflow. This helps your harmonica stay in tune and last longer. When you play with a soft, gentle airflow, you’ll encourage the crystals in the metal to align, which is good for the reeds. Moderate air pressure is also good for harmonicas, since it is less likely to damage them.

Practicing train rhythms

Practice train rhythms to avoid passing out playing harminac! It’s been a while since you’ve challenged yourself to play train rhythms on your harmonica, so it’s time to rekindle the passion! It’s easier than you think to incorporate deep breathing into your harmonica playing – it’s as easy as playing an in-out-out pattern. Practice train rhythms for at least five minutes, breathing deeply through your belly. This way, you’ll develop the ability to breathe in and out of your harmonica without passing out.

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